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Interested in spicing up your party, festival or conference? You want to plan a surprise for your friends, your family or your coworkers? A/Maze offers a new range of varied mobile activities that allow you and the rest of the players to discover a new world right were you stand!

We can bring over 4 amazing Escape Games, a laser maze or an awesome Virtual Reality Booth anywhere you want! Our games length can be adjusted to allow more players to live the thrill of adventure. Multiple events have already trusted us to bring fun to their attendees, what’s stopping you?


Break in the car and start the engine, that’s the simple mission of our first ever mobile escape game! But the path to find the key won’t be easy. You’ll have to search the entire car, mess with wires, find hidden codes and unlock secret locks! The owner of the car will be here any second! Is your team capable of finishing on time?

“Steal the Car” is the perfect option for any outdoor events or any indoor events with a big enough entrance. While a team tries to figure out how to get that loud engine to start, any other potential players will be guaranteed to stop by and think of their own way of solving the puzzles. It’s a great activity for all of us law-obeying criminals! I mean, when else are you ever going to get the chance to steal a car?


A mysterious bomber has been attacking different buildings in Montreal, and it seems like you are next! If you all work well together, you might just be able to deactivate the bomb and save the everyone. Dials, keypads and wires block your path, but you just have to keep your cool if you want to solve all the puzzles before the timer runs off!

“Stop the Bomb” is great for any workplace team building activities or for big parties! The players will need to use the room and its elements to solve all sort of different riddles the bomber has left behind to deactivate the explosive device. As small as a briefcase, the game can be set up in any spot and make any event instantly amazing! Instead of watching an action movie, why not live one?


Your plan went perfectly. The alarm never rang, the vault opened quickly and the diamonds are exquisite. As you are handing them to your partner, you get a strange feeling. Everything was… too easy. As soon as you let go of the bag, your eyes start to close, your legs give away and you fall unconscious. Something is definitely off! When you wake back up, you are handcuffed to a chair and strident bell is ringing. It was all a set up! Your partner left with the diamonds, slipped you a sleeping pill and pulled the alarm! Will you be able to destroy all evidence of you being here before the police arrives?

Set up this heist at any future event and get a guaranteed success! Work with your friends, family or coworkers to figure out how to clear your name and see who can solve all the riddles the fastest!


Try and pass all tests set up and prove you can and will lead to a better and greener world! Enjoy the Green Initiative! A team building escape room that focuses on the needs of our planet and what we can do to help out in the fight against climate change.

This game was made to raise awareness about the environmental crisis going on around the world. We wanted to create a game that would bring people to pay more attention to these issues. The game is split into 5 steps, each of which represents a concrete obstacle that we face in our fight to save our home.


From left and right, bright green lasers cross the hallway and block your path. On the other side, a big red button deactivates the alarm. You’ll have to get all the way across and press the button while avoiding the lasers. Will you be able to be the fastest to get there? Careful, trigger one of them and the alarm rings!

This competitive game gets your team to explore new paths of getting across, testing their quick thinking and agility. It’s a fun way to blow off steam and finally accomplish your dream of becoming a spy!


Play over 20 different games with our Virtual Reality Booth! All you have to do to enter a completely immersive world is put on our headset, grab your 2 remotes and open your eyes. Whatever type of video-game you like, we got it. Your participants will be able to visit universes beyond their imaginations from creators all around the globe and play all different sort of adventures.

With the possibility of obtaining 2 different booths, we can even organize a contest for your event. Who will kill the most orcs in Elven Assassin? Who will get the best score in Beat Saber? Who will survive the longest in Space Pirate Trainer? The possibilities are endless! It doesn’t get more insane than this.



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