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Come dive into a world you will never experience anywhere else. Imagine, what could be better than you and your gang being locked in a prison with only 45 minutes to escape. Maybe only breaking into a military facility with the goal to save the world. Or living the life of Indiana Jones trying to steal a mystical idol. The choice is yours, but each is more thrilling than the next.

A/Maze is a real life escape game, where participants immerse themselves into the world of puzzles and enigmas. Advancing through a story in each room, players discover selected universes and try to find the way out.

On the day of my bachelor party, my best man and friends blindfolded me and told me not to remove it until they said so. When they finally told me to take it off, i was behind bars, handcuffed and staring in the face of a prison guard who said that myself and my friends had been unjustly accused of a crime, and had 45 minutes to escape. He closed the door behind him, the lights shut off, and there i was, stuck in a prison cell with my friends in the next one over. What a crazy day that was!

– Joey, August 2016 –

6 players or less

For more intimate teams, all you have to do is chose the game you want to and book it online! We have a lot of different options across Montreal. If you want us to do something special for your game, simply send us an email at and we will take care of it for you.

7 players or more

You’ve got a big group coming to play? You might want to book more than one game! Check out our team building packages to find a location near you and with everything you need for a super party. We can even set up something special if you’ve got a request!

Customize your adventure!

Do you want to have an extra-special-all-so-different-super adventure? You can contact us at so that we can change your game to make it specific for your bachelor. Our modifiable games are the Prison Break at A/Maze Atwater and the Psychiatric Asylum at A/Maze Plateau.

Where to eat? Where to drink?


Living an adventure will get you hungry. With a three minute walk from A/Maze, you arrive on Notre-Dame street where many bars and restaurants are at your service. Why not try some of our favourites like FoieGwa or the Satay Brothers?


Our Old-Port location is right on St-Jean street! Many options are available at the location itself. It features a restaurant so you can get some food, coffee and experience all our different drinks!


This A/Maze location is near the Darling with their delicious cocktails. We are also a few steps away from the intersection of Mont-Royal and St-Laurent, offering other restaurants such as Mange-Moi and their awesome burgers!

West Island

Right next to the Fairview Mall where A/Maze is located, the Keg Steakhouse and Bar offers a perfect luxurious spot for all your special events. If you would rather something more homey, you just have to cross the boulevard to get to McKibbin’s Irish Pub!


Do not hesitate to contact us at or talk to a human 1.514.504.2139