Get your sixth game for free!


We are happy to present our new Loyalty Program! Every few months we will give away our awesome A/Maze Passports to anyone that tries out one of our adventures. Now you can  keep track of your games and your success rate!

After each game, ask your Game Master to stamp the Passport to see your progress. Collect 5 stamps and get your next game for free!

There’s never been a better reason to come and escape!



Receive your A/Maze Loyalty Passport during one of our special promotions. Create your profile and come up with your team name!


Stamp your passport every time you play one of our Escape Games. Try and collect as many different stamps as you can!


Get to 5 stamps and play the next game completely for free! Finally you can get rewarded for liking escape games.

WHEN and HOW can I get a Loyalty Passport?

Loyalty Passports have no expiration dates and can be stamped any time. However, you can’t get them all the time. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to find out about when we give them away.

Although you have to wait the right time for your Loyalty Passport, stamps are available always! This means that once you get your passport, you can come and play your games at any time and still get the stamps.

The next batch of Loyalty Passports will be available on:
August 6th at A/Maze Pointe-Claire
August 10th at A/Maze Ottawa
August 11th at A/Maze St-Henri
August 15th at A/Maze Atwater
August 21st at A/Maze Griffintown
August 30th at A/Maze Plateau.


With over 10 different adventures in Montreal alone, we're sure there is something for you.


How do I get a Loyalty Card?

Just come and play an Escape Game at one of our locations during one of the times when the Loyalty Cards are available!

How long do I have to fill my Loyalty Card with stamps?

As long as you want! Months, years, centuries… Take as much time as you want!

When are the Loyalty Cards available?

The Loyalty Cards are available every once in a while. Every time we are giving them out, it will be written on this very page! Follow us on Facebook to be notified whenever they are available.

How long do I have to go play my free game once my card is full?

There is no hurry! As long as A/Maze is there, your free game will be available.

Are there any exceptions?

In order to get a stamp, you need to play an Escape Game. This means that games like the Alien Maze or our Virtual Reality will not apply. Our mobile escape games (Steal the Car and The Bomb) do not apply either.

What if I already played?

We have over 10 different escape games at A/Maze. If you’ve already played all of them, you can wait for new games to come out or go play our games at A/Maze Ottawa!