Amazing Bachelor Party in Montreal

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Come dive into a world you will never experience anywhere else. Imagine, what could be better than you and your gang being locked in a prison with only 45 minutes to escape. Maybe only breaking into a military facility with the goal to save the world. Or living the life of Indiana Jones trying to steal a mystical idol. The choice is yours, but each is more thrilling than the next.

A/Maze is a real life escape game, where participants immerse themselves into the world of puzzles and enigmas. Advancing through a story in each room, players discover selected universes and try to find the way out.

Four different scenarios in our Downtown location and three unique games in West Island locations, can accommodate up to 20 players at the same time. Various reservation options are available. Reserve online or contact us for special requests and larget groups.

On the day of my bachelor party, my best man and friends blindfolded me and told me not to remove it until they said so. When they finally told me to take it off, i was behind bars, handcuffed and staring in the face of a prison guard who said that myself and my friends had been unjustly accused of a crime, and had 45 minutes to escape. He closed the door behind him, the lights shut off, and there i was, stuck in a prison cell with my friends in the next one over. What a crazy day that was!

– Joey, August 2016 –