A/Maze Escape Games

5 Things Escape Games Improve in an Individual

The changes you will notice after you start playing escape games
1. Logical skills

2. Observational skills

3. Teamwork

4. Working under stress

5. Efficiency

Escape rooms seem to be taking over the entertainment industry. More and more of these games are popping up around the world and many corporations have decided to chose them as team building exercises. In a typical escape game, you are locked in a room with a few of your friends and you all have to find a way out of there before your time runs out. In order to win, the team needs to find clues, solve riddles, finish puzzles and generally use their minds to figure a way out. But why have big companies like Air Transat, Bombardier, Apple or Imperial Tobacco decided to use A/Maze Escape Games as team building exercises? Here are 5 things that escape games improve within individuals:
In any proper escape room, the player will need to solve multiple tasks in order to win the game. The thing is, these tasks are rarely written down in an orderly fashion. The game will not tell you what to do, it is up to you to figure out how to play. It's the same as facing a challenge in real life. There is no instruction manual on how to solve it, you have to use the tools at hand and come up with something.

These logic based puzzles are good practice for the work place as well! They encourage creativity and new ideas on how to do things. Playing escape games also tend to show the best in people. You might learn that your friend is a natural at jigsaw puzzles and has a very physical way of thinking. Or maybe you will notice that your co-worker is great at solving riddles and works well with words.

Attention to detail is a trait that you will often find people praising. Making sure that every little thing is correct is also a big part of an escape game. Not only do players need to find keys and clues around the room, but they also need to make sure to never forget one of these things on the side. Many teams will get stuck at some point because they forgot about some part of the puzzle that they had already solved a long time ago! But by practicing these observational skills, you can make sure no one forgets anything behind, whether it be in the game or at the work place.
One of the most obvious parts of an escape game is the teamwork. If you don't work together, there is no way you will succeed. It will happen that a certain player decides to try and solve everything by themselves, but they often abandon half-way through and ask for the help they need. Many of the puzzles are also made to be solved in groups and are impossible to accomplish alone.

Playing escape games is a great way to bond with coworkers. A good team is a team that enjoys working together. While living your very own adventure, you have other things to worry about than how you seem in front of others and you can let loose. Multiple teams have told us that they found new ways to use people's talents by playing our games!

A clock ticking, multiple locks left to open and the faith of the world resting in your hands, it does not get much more stressful than this. Escape games prepare you to work with a time limit, to ignore the passing seconds and to keep cool. In any project, you could get to a point where you are behind schedule. Knowing how to push through and forget about the stress is important if you want to succeed. Escape games help us practice this skill. We often see people having difficulty solving the easiest tasks because they only have a few seconds left. This could be as simple as putting a key into a lock! But working on this and simply knowing that all of this is in your head will already help you improve your skills.

When you don't have much time to accomplish a specific task, you will try to go as fast as possible, while still making sure everything gets done correctly. You will also try and use everybody at your disposal so nobody is left without a part. This method of efficiency is often found while playing escape games. You don't have time to go through the whole room all together, you've got to assign tasks, but always make sure to tell each other what you find.

Using these very same skills, anyone can improve the way they solve tasks in everyday life. We are all different people and are better at different things. By all doing what we are good at, we can collectively get better results.

In general, escape games are an amazing way to bond and to improve how you work together. We have only named 5 of the reasons why, but there are a lot more for you to find.