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For those rainy days when you'd rather live an adventure from the comfort of your own living room
available only in english
Finally, you can bring an escape room home! Each adventure includes a story narrated through the escapee's manual and a bunch of index cards. The manual will bring you from room to room and it is up to you to decide what you will want to explore. Try and solve the riddles presented to you and choose from an array of answers. Pick the answer card and see if you get to pass to the next step!
board game about MOntreal
Construction and Corruption
Born in the heart of Montreal, Construction and Corruption is a negotiation game designed for a group of 3-7 people.

Win the game by being the most corrupt construction manager you can be. Delay your projects as much as you can and send your crew to finish other people's buildings. The longer your project lasts, the more you get payed!

The game is fully bilingual

Age: 12+
From: 3-7 people
Time: 1-2 hours of fun
Discover fun puzzle cards to work your eyes and your brain! Will you be able to solve them all?
Optical Illusions
Tease your brain with these fun optical illusions cards! Enjoy 50 different cards that will put your visual perception skills to the test. Can you tell what's really going on, or will you let the trick take over you?
There's only one way to find out!

The game is fully bilingual
Age: 10+

Rational Thinking
Puzzles and riddles will stand in your way with these 50 different rational thinking cards! Will you be able to find the right answer and move on to the next one? Challenge your brain cells and get your brain going, this is gonna be a tough one.

The game is fully bilingual
Age: 10+

These great gifts are simply fun puzzles for your next party! Who will find the way to solve them?
Don't Break the Bottle
This hilariously cruel gift forces the host to work their brains if they want to open the next bottle of wine. It might take from 10 minutes up to 3 days to solve the puzzle, but no matter of the result the effect is guaranteed!

Careful, the wine is not included.
Fish Puzzle
This knick-knack from the Einstein Collection has you working over and over to try and untangle the fish! See if you or any of your friends can get it and try to beat each other's record.

Will you find the trick?
Metal Madness
Twist and move the metal pieces to solve the puzzle. With 4 different options, you'll be able to get the perfect one for your difficulty level. Test your friend's skills and see who will solve it first!

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Escape from prison or save the world from a mad scientist. What could be better?
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